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Monday, January 25, 2010

California storms

The storms last week here in California were pretty bad in many areas. Here in my neck of the woods, they were relatively uneventful. Lots of rain and wind, and even some rare thunder and lightening - but that was about it. Some rocks fell down the cliffs onto the canyon roads here and there, but those were cleared away pretty quickly by the rock-clearing trucks that patrol the canyons during rains. The thunder and lightening reminded me of being back home in Alabama and Georgia. I can still remember back years ago when I took my former stepkids with me and my two children to visit my family back home, and there was a typical Georgia thunderstorm. One of them, upon hearing the thunder, turned to me wide-eyed and asked, "What's that?" When I explained that it was just thunder, they replied, "What's thunder?" It dawned on me that, growing up in southern California, they had never experienced a thunderstorm.

In a way, I feel fortunate to have been able to experience what it's like to live in the deep south, the west coast, and the northeastern United States. Many people here in California have never experienced what it's like to weather a tornado or a thunderstorm, caught lightening bugs in a mason jar, had fire ants swarm up your legs, watched the spread of Kudzu, or experienced "red bugs"...all common in the South. Many people in the South have never experienced an earthquake or been evacuated due to a wildfire, witnessed a mudslide or rock slide, or had ants invade their is common here in California. And many here in California as well as the South have never experienced what it's like to open their front door to a wall of snow, as is common in the northeast. I've experienced all of those things. I think it's kind of neat.

I guess if I had to choose, I'd pick the South. I grew up there, and still consider it "home". People still go to Church on Sundays, fear God, and cook the tastiest dang food you ever done et in yer life.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Palm Springs Film Festival

I attended the Palm Springs Film Festival this weekend in support of my film, The Making Of Plus One, which closed the festival. Jennifer Tilly, Michael Eklund, Amanda Plummer, and Mary McGuckian were all there as well. It was wonderful seeing all of them and hanging out with the gang. Amanda caught a ride in with us in my car, and we drove in together. After the fiasco of getting lost from LA to Palm Springs, we finally made it in hours and hours late. Nevertheless, all went smoothly at the festival once here.

Palm Springs is a lovely town - very small, but wonderful restaurants and shops. The weather was perfect all weekend. It started to drizzle this evening at the closing gala, but not too bad.

Apparently, there is to be a severe storm the likes of which California has never seen heading our way in the next week or two. I'll refrain from going into my governmental weather control theory at this time. More on that later.

Back to the festival, our film was so well received that they had to open additional theaters to show it because it kept selling out. What was to be only one showing turned into four. It was great. We all did a Q & A afterward, which was one of the best we've done. Jennifer is always really funny at the Q & A's.

I'm back at my hotel now, laying here in bed in my pajamas. I can hear the distant thumping of music from all the continuing parties. I'm glad I'm here in my cozy bed in my cozy pajamas and not out there. I made my brief appearance at the gala. That was enough.


Friday, January 15, 2010

Donna D'Errico....the blogger?

Although I've read blogs many times, I've never done one of my own. I'll just plan on writing about my own thoughts on a variety of topics from world issues to organic gardening to parenting to current events, and so on. Sometimes it may read more like a diary entry. Maybe you'll like what I have to say...maybe you won't.

Most people have no idea what I'm really like. I was on the TV show "Baywatch", so some people still think of me running around a beach in a red bathing suit, saving people from drowning. I was married for a long time to a famous rock and roll guy, so some people think I must like to party it up, drink, use drugs, and listen to rock music. I've been in multiple films and television projects, so some people think I must be a millionaire with a bunch of domestic help and nannies caring for my children. In reality, I'm none of those things.

I'm a traditional Roman Catholic, and attend Mass every Sunday. I pray the Rosary every evening. This is nothing new - I've always done this.

I'm intelligent. I know this may come as a let down to some guys out there, but I'm not actually in my 20's with a head full of air, bouncing my way down the beach looking for a new boyfriend every evening. No, in fact I got straight A's through school, graduated at the top of my class, attended college, and excelled in math and science.

I don't go out, or "party". I grow my own organic vegetables in my backyard, and cook every meal myself at home every day. I never go out to clubs or bars, and the only alcohol I ever drink is an occasional glass of red wine with dinner. I don't use drugs, ever. I don't even believe in prescription medication. I prefer homeopathic and natural remedies.

I don't use domestic help. I raise my kids myself - I don't even use any childcare. Ever. I believe that being a parent is more than just providing care for your kids. Being a parent is actually parenting your own children yourself, personally providing all their care, all the time (except obviously while they are in school or day care). Too many people out here in LA rely on hired nannies to raise their kids for them. They think that seeing their kids at the end of the day for a couple of hours (after having had them cared for all day by a nanny) is just fine and dandy, and they think of themselves as good parents. If you use a nanny every day to care for your children for you, or if you always travel with a nanny while on your "family" vacation, you really don't deserve the title of "parent". I'll refrain from saying what title you do deserve.

So there you go. Now you know maybe just a bit more about me than you knew before. Many people probably don't have any idea who Donna D'Errico is, and don't really give a hoot. This blog is for those who have some idea of who I am, and might like to read what I have to say.

As for comments, let's keep it clean, folks. No profanity or dirty talk. I'm all about free speech and anti-censorship, but I draw the line at stuff I wouldn't want my own kids to read.

And we're off!