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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Palm Springs Film Festival

I attended the Palm Springs Film Festival this weekend in support of my film, The Making Of Plus One, which closed the festival. Jennifer Tilly, Michael Eklund, Amanda Plummer, and Mary McGuckian were all there as well. It was wonderful seeing all of them and hanging out with the gang. Amanda caught a ride in with us in my car, and we drove in together. After the fiasco of getting lost from LA to Palm Springs, we finally made it in hours and hours late. Nevertheless, all went smoothly at the festival once here.

Palm Springs is a lovely town - very small, but wonderful restaurants and shops. The weather was perfect all weekend. It started to drizzle this evening at the closing gala, but not too bad.

Apparently, there is to be a severe storm the likes of which California has never seen heading our way in the next week or two. I'll refrain from going into my governmental weather control theory at this time. More on that later.

Back to the festival, our film was so well received that they had to open additional theaters to show it because it kept selling out. What was to be only one showing turned into four. It was great. We all did a Q & A afterward, which was one of the best we've done. Jennifer is always really funny at the Q & A's.

I'm back at my hotel now, laying here in bed in my pajamas. I can hear the distant thumping of music from all the continuing parties. I'm glad I'm here in my cozy bed in my cozy pajamas and not out there. I made my brief appearance at the gala. That was enough.



  1. Will The Making of Plus One be released on dvd?
    You've gained weight? Where??

  2. donna i know your divorce was tough trust me i remember but you look great i bet your glad the stress is gone hows ryan and frankie